Vordhuine Roesone is the second child of Daeric and Shannen Roesone. With his wife, Mieve Tyien he has two children, Soreth and Morwen.


The second son of Daeric is in many ways a copy of his father, albeit one who is slightly blurred. Honourable, dutiful and loyal he serves Roesone well. However, he seems to lack the inner fire of Daeric, leading some to call him a mere imitation of his father. 

This accusation may actually have some truth to it. Doing one's duty is Vordhuine's key motivation - this is why he attempts to be kind and benevolent - it is expected of him, and he will do his best to be this person. This is in contrast to Daeric who simply is kind and benevolent by nature.


Vordhuine's appearance takes after his father Daeric, much more so than Bannier. Vordhuine's discipline in most matters extends to his appearance, the nobleman is always well shaved and groomed. 

The paladin still maintains a rigiourous training regimen, despite it being a fair amount of time since he has engaged in combat. As such, he is a well muscled, lean man who is aging well. 


While far from being well known, Vordhuine's relationship with his children Soreth and Morwen is quite strained. As a firm believer in law and obedience, he has been driven to distraction by the chaotic and wilful nature of his offspring. 

Vordhuine's relationship with Soreth has always proven full of frustrations and misunderstandings. A curious and inquisitive child, Soreth rarely obeyed any rules his father set down when the child didn't understand the reasoning behind them. Vordhuine's explanations that included "because that's the way it is!" or "That's what is expected of you!" would only receive the child's response "but wwhhhyyy?" which Vordhuine found himself often unable to explain to Soreth. 

Soreth's fostering to Ilien has damaged the already less than perfect bond between them. The men seem as near total strangers to the other, despite their common bonds.

If Soreth and Vordhuine's relationship is strained, Vordhuine and Morwen are almost at a state of war. Morwen's rebellious and mischievousness nature is perhaps the cause of Vordhuine's growing hair loss. Vordhuine is at a complete loss as to how to control his daughter, which is exactly what Morwen is rebelling against. If it was not for the frequent interventions of Shannen Aglondier, Morwen and Vordhuine would be unlikely to have exchanged any words outside of what was expected in public in years.