Lord of Northcliff Tower and Commander of the secretive Shadow Company .


In his mid-forties, Vaesil is a thin man of average height, with short brown hair. He often has a distant look in his eyes which belies his intelligence and perception. He always speaks quietly and calmly, and uses logic much more than emotion.


Vaesil is the youngest son of Arthen Isilviere, a hero of the Spider Wars and the first Royal Warden of Casiere. Arthen’s two sons were provided the best tutoring as children, with Vaesil spending a few years in neighbouring Ilien under the tutelage of Rogr Aglondier’s advisors. Once old enough both boys learnt their martial skills from their uncle Blade; Vaesil in particular caught Blade’s interest, and it was common knowledge that the great hero was grooming the young Isilviere for future greatness.

As Vaesil matured it became obvious that Blade thought him suitable for the secretive Shadow Company, and it wasn’t long before the young man was enlisted. He rose quickly through the ranks, and soon Blade began grooming him to be his successor. It was thus a surprise to the court that Vaesil asked the baron’s permission to rebuild Northcliff Tower, a site considered remote and of little prestige, and retired with his wife Tangwen to the northern post.

What the court didnt realise, however, was that Northcliff Tower was the perfect position to base the Shadow Company.