Baroness Shannen Aglondier is the wife of Baron Daeric Roesone, and mother to Vordhuine and Bannier Roesone


Shannen Aglondier has been the matriarch of the Roesone family for quite some time now, and excels in her role. A loving mother and grandmother, she keeps a keen eye on all members of the Roesone family.

Shannen and Daeric's differing strengths and talents have resulted in perhaps the most effective marriage the royal family has managed to date: Daeric sees to the running of Roesone, Shannen to the running of the Roesone family and court. 

As such, the elderly woman is often acting as a mediator and counselor for all members of the family, smoothing over the differences that the blood of Daen Roesone seems to bring forth. 


Although in her sixties, Shannen's wit and intelligence is as sharp as ever. Her her pale golden hair may have faded to white but her light green eyes are still as sharp as a hawk's - especially when it comes to watching her family. A perpetual frown seems to be plastered on her face of late, but those close to her know her contagious laughter is never far away.