Laelee ponders

Laelee, Queen of the Ravens, is the familiar of the wizard Soreth Roesone .


Laelee could be described as confident and assured but others would chose other words: cunning, sly, devious, underhanded, insulting and arrogant. 

While these descriptions may prove accurate, Laelee never-the-less is driven by motivations that match her master - as much as a somewhat intelligent talking raven can. 

Fiercly loyal to Soreth, she watches over him like a cross between a vigilant mother and jealous lover although this does not always immediately appear apparent - the raven's cunning nature means she often observes closely and at length before taking action.

A keen observer of Soreth might note that Laelee often personalizes the emotions and desires that the young noble might consider innapropriate or immoral. Those knowledgeable in arcane matters may speculate that Laelee often exhibits the emotions her master respresses or denies in himself. Others may chose to believe that Laelee may be acting these roles, to remind Soreth of what he could be should he stray from the road he has chosen to walk.


Whether by dint of the magic spell that made her what she is, or whether by sheer luck or good selection on Soreth's part, Laelee is a fine specimen of her species. Weighing in at almost 4 pounds, she can be a burden to have perched on a shoulder for an extended period of time. Laelee's beak runs smaller than most ravens, but she has proven quite adept at manipulating objects with it.  With a large wingspan of over 50 inches and a baleful glare, Laelee often does not have to rely on her wizardly master to intimidate, which can be handy after the raven's beak has been loosened by lager. 


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