The second child of Lord Aedan Isilviere, Irwen has left court to roam the plains of northern Roesone.



Irwen wears her blonde hair short, barely long enough for a small ponytail - and the other court ladies would add scruffy to the description! Her eyes are a clear blue-green, 'like gemstones catching the sunlight.' They certainly don't match the simplicity of her clothes, Irwen preferring utilitarian travellers' clothes to courtly dresses.


Irwen learned her ranger skills from her mother, the daughter of a Rjuven princess. As a young girl she also spent many months patrolling the northern frontier alongside her grandfather Arthen, the Royal Warden. 

Irwen gained the nickname 'Goblin Girl' from the other court ladies after she petitioned the baron to give the gobin serfs in Proudglaive the same rights as humans. The baron responded with a more kind, diplomatic answer than her peers but the request was still denied. 

Feeling shamed at her failure, Irwen left court and travelled to northern Roesone, determined to show others that goblins could contribute to society. 


Irwen is a headstrong young woman with ideals which she will not compromise on. She is very independent, and has decided to make her own future by putting her words into action. Although friendly and bubbly in nature, the few friends she has also know her as stubborn and uncompromising when it comes to her beliefs. This has made her few allies at court, and some of her outlandish views on current topic means she finds it difficult to hold conversations at royal functions.