The city of Gweirlaen is the only major settlement within the county of Bheline, Ghoere.


Nestled against the small lake, it has grown in recent years as people flee the wartorn lands and seek the safety of its walls. The city is ruled by Count Cardael, an elderly man who rules the city with an iron grip, enforcing the law through his heavy-handed soldiers with the cooperation of the Militant Order of Cuiraecen.


The City of Gweirlaen

1. Baemont Keep

2. Baemont's Rise

  • Civic buildings

3. Rockwick

  • Nobles north, wealthy res and fine shops centre, ave shops south
  • Temple of Haelyn with shrines of Cuiraecen and Nesirie, large statue of all three out front, in brotherly embrace

4. Silverley Towers

  • Noble estates

5. Cloudtip

  • Temple of Cuiraecen

6. Maegar's Fort

  • Garrison, fort in south

7. Willowwell

  • Wealthy residential
  • Area adjacent river sometimes floods in spring

8. Oldtown

  • Average Res and shops
  • Small temple to Cuiraecen

9. East Gweirlaen

  • Average Residential
  • Old temple of Haelyn and Cuiraecen, more for the people as opposed to warriors etc

10. Waterfront

  • Fishers' wharf, guilds

11. Bankside

  • Ave Res, lower to west
  • Temple of Cuiraecen opposite the arena

12. The Frontier

  • Ave Res, inn/tav around crossroads
  • Shrine to Cuiraecen at crossroads, from when Cuiraecen was herald of Haelyn
  • Various stalls and tents along the walls

13. Halbae's Arena

14. Tinkers' Marketplace

  • Markets east, ave shops west
  • Dominated by ancient tree in middle

15. Paek's Lanes

  • Redlight district
  • Secret shrine to Eloele

16. Eastside Markets

  • Markets centre, inns east, warehouse west
  • Small temple of Sarimie

17. The Cave

  • Prison (prisoners can be taken to the arena)

18. Applehill

  • Low inn/tav west, low res east
  • Began as separate villas around the hill planted with apples
  • Small temple of Cuiraecen, with shrines for Erik and Laerme from past

19. The Halflings'

  • Shantytown
  • Started as a small halfling quarter, with burrows and all. Over time as halflings left/driven out the burrows have been turned into barrows, an extension of the Necropolis. 
  • All kinds of weird people found here - outsiders, those who don't fit in the city.
  • A few halfling families still reside here as shepherds, as nobody else will farm this close to the graveyard.
  • Shrine to Ruornil here, growing in importance amongst those who live near the graveyard as protection sought from spirits.

20. Slums

  • Refugees from wars

21. Necropolis

22. Abbey of the Twenty-Two Blades

  • Named for the 22 columns which are swords

23. Wyrmtooth Castle

  • Lord Breca & camp

24. Blackbridge Keep

  • Captain Ravel's mercs
  • Ravel hired by count to counter the growing strength of Lord Breca