The Endieran Eight are an infmaous mercenary band which specialises in solving small problems.


Originally consisting of eight members, the group had suffered in recent missions, and was down to five:

Breca's MissionEdit

Lord Breca hired the Endieran Eight to eliminate six people in Roesone: Lord Rian, Lord Soreth, Lord Liem, Sir Seth, Lady Raelin, and Eluana.

The contract was sealed with a drop of blood from each of the Eight. Sir Moerde thought this simply an archaic ritual, but it had actually arcanely bound each of them to the mission, with the punishment of death if they failed. Their punishment was delivered by a winged demon-like monster which would appear beside them, carrying their soul from the mortal plane.

Confronting the RoesoneansEdit

After killing Lord Rian, which also resulted in the death of several innocent priests of Avanalae, Catrin Redblades joined the nobles of Roesone in an attempt to learn more about their targets.

The Roesoneans managed to defeat several of the Eight, then strike a deal with Moerde and Catrin when they realised Breca's conditions. Moerde and Catrin headed north to Ghoere to free themselves from the demonic ties, and to seek revenge on the warlord.