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Curfew enforced in Grub.

Liem meets Brother Raesene, high priest of Rays of Serenity (father friendly with Heirophant, unusually young for a high priest) and Sister Sanae from Elinie. They give Liem ore- given by goblins, fell from sun. Sanae to continue research in Bellam.

Men from Grub: one boarded a ship
Other a minor knight- Sir Cyneric

First mention of Endeiran Eight hunting us- 5 members including a Rjurik and a woman called the Avenger. Mourde former Endeiran knight, double-crossed by the Guilder.

Meet with Clam leadership- Aelstan, Aedhemar, Captain Haede. Want curfew lifted. Claim River Spiders capitalising. Accuse Lord-Captain and other nobles of attacking Clams.

Attacked by people when leaving meeting.

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