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Adam's Chapter 20 SummaryEdit

  • Prince Caelan is terrible at swordplay
  • Kroban Darkhowl
  • Roesone is broke.
  • Teighan (LotSG) appears unwell/overworked, generally low
  • Baron is coughing, also unwell?
  • Current (old) generation of leaders seem spent.
  • Ash doesn't back his French
  • Morwen Roeson is now proprietor of the Eagles Sunrise
  • There are no titles to be used in tES
  • Liem has fabulous fashion sense
  • Venom plague killed veterans that fought against the Spider
  • Prince Caelan has a plan to stage a kidnapping/attack to impress ladies
  • Young nobles are mingling at tES
  • Soreth has asked Saebra to 'spy' at court for him
  • she has a strange, toadlike creature that wears a waistcoat, it follows her around
  • Colier Isiliever is definitely a douchebag
  • Don't forget Soreth still is supposedly on the case to find Caelan a bride.
  • Ghese kidnapped, Soreth, Liem and Saebra follow
  • Ariyans attack Liem while kidnapping in progress
  • Patriarch el-Abudin gave the order.
  • There is some link between Colier and Trevam Isilviere
  • Caelan is likely a worshipper of Ruornil
  • Ghese was accused to stealing tES. Mistaken identity was obviously suppoed to be morwen
  • Stranger using some kind of magic?, surrounded by inky darkness threatens Nithad into giving up his claim on tES
  • Soreth has opened a free school for the lower classes
  • Liem got Branton an interview with LotSG.

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