Up-and-coming member of the Proudglaive guards, Celm has been singled out by Captain Hereric for a special quest: to accompany the nobles of Roesone into the land of Ghoere.


The young Celm has fair hair and skin and light blue eyes. His scruffy hair protrudes from underneath his guard's helmet. Celm has fairly low self-esteem, constantly apologising. He is determined to make up for setbacks, any setback, to the extreme. Celm doesn’t believe in the gods but doesn't have a strong conviction in that belief.


Celm is the son of Captain Hereric’s good friend (now deceased), and has a crush on Hereric's daughter Loeran. However, given the pedigree of Loeran's parents, Celm does not think himself worthy for her. His goal is to become the captain of the guards, which he believes might make him more suitable to court Loeran. He writes poetry for her, but never has the courage to pass any of them to her.