Lord Breca is a powerful warlord in Ghoere and is suspected of being behind Roesone's troubles.


Breca is a tall, blonde, warrior, and speaks with a rasp from an old injury. He prefers to fight with a battle-axe.

Breca has his eye on Gweirlaen and beyond that, the throne of Ghoere. He is a veteran of the wars between Roesone and Ghoere, and once was a follower of Haelyn but has since turned his back on his religion. Rumours say this is related to the death of his family.

Breca’s resources are considerable. He has money from his conquests and is also generously funded by other backers, both nobles and merchants, those hoping to gain from his victories. He has a small army under his command, and they are not green – some are veterans from the wars and others have been forged in battle against Breca’s rivals and the goblins in the nearby hills.