The palace of the Isilvieres in Proudglaive.



This time of year the halls of Aurelan Palace are buzzing, with servants hurrying back and forth busy preparing for the Eve of the Dead. Braziers were filled and placed in every room, and new, thick candles replaced the old and set upon every table and every ledge, and indeed on the floor in some darkened corners, in preparation for the attempt to ward off the night.

Seth strode through the hustle, frowning as portly servants rushed in front of him or jostled him in their haste. He paused at a head-high window to admire the view of Proudglaive, letting his gaze wander across the red rooves below and the river beyond that. Aurelan was built upon the second-tallest mound of the city – the tallest reserved for the cathedral of Haelyn – and was built for defence as much as beauty. In truth the window he gazed through was little more than an arrow-slit.[1]


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